Safe and affordable public storage

Whether for a few days or for a longer period, your belongings will be safe in our self storage facilities.

Safe and affordable public storage

You are looking for a public storage facility in Gatineau that serves Chelsea and all the surrounding cities? A1 MINI MAXI SELF STORAGE offers complete and secure self storage unit services for individuals and businesses.

The storage units of our public storage facility are located on a fenced site, monitored by security video cameras and protected by a 24-hour alarm system. In addition, most of our public storage units have a secure access door with a smart card. Access control is therefore carried out and controlled by computer.

A1 MINI MAXI SELF STORAGE is the leader when it comes to public storage in the Gatineau area. Individuals and businesses in Gatineau (but also in Chelsea and all surrounding cities) can count on the security of our public storage facilities as well as on the dedicated and attentive service of our team.

Public storage for private individuals

Whether you need to store excess belongings in your new home, store all your movable belongings in a secure storage facility during an extended stay in another country, or simply store your belongings for a few days before a relocation, you will be satisfied by our storage services offering high security and affordable prices.

You will have a choice of 7 sizes of storage space, all of which are approximately 10 feet high. The smaller one can hold the contents of a bedroom, while the larger one can hold all the furniture and items of a large 4-bedroom house including a garage!

Public storage for businesses (self storage service)

As a SME or large company, you may occasionally need a self storage facility with secure access, which is monitored by video cameras and connected to a 24-hour alarm system. If you are short of space in your existing premises, A1 MINI MAXI SELF STORAGE can offer you a reliable and cost-effective solution for a storage unit to hold materials, merchandise, equipment-related items, furniture or other high-value items.

Don't let lack of space get in the way of your business progress! Thanks to our public storage facility in Gatineau, you can choose a convenient and affordable solution for storing commercial merchandise.

Businesses of all types and sizes benefit from renting a self storage facility during their expansion, when they urgently need merchandise storage space. Doing business with a secure public storage facility is a cost-effective way for your company to continue to grow without having to acquire, rent or build new facilities at far too high a price.

Renting a space in a self storage facility, located close to your customers and operations, will give you easy access to your merchandise, without an appointment and with convenient business hours.

Outdoor vehicle and boat storage

A1 MINI MAXI SELF STORAGE also offers an outdoor storage service for your vehicles of all types (trucks, trailers or recreational vehicles) as well as for your boat. Our fenced parking lot is monitored by security video cameras while our automatic barrier system allows you to access your vehicle or boat with your personal smart card, 7 days a week.

The rental cost of our outdoor vehicle storage parking spaces ranges from $80 to $100 per month, depending on the space you have chosen and the overall length of your recreational vehicle, boat, truck or trailer.

Public Storage Space User Agreement

In order to ensure the protection of our customers, we offer a written agreement for the rental of a public storage space. You will have the opportunity to read the agreement carefully and address all your questions to the person in charge. Be sure to note the due date of your payment and the mandatory notice in the event that you are moving out. If you change your address or telephone number, you must inform your A1 MINI MAXI SELF STORAGE branch in writing.

Contact us to rent a space in our public storage facility

You are looking for a public storage facility in Gatineau for an indoor storage unit or for an outdoor storage parking? Contact A1 MINI MAXI SELF STORAGE to book your secure storage unit which is accessible on a self-service basis. Our public storage facility is located in Gatineau, but is easily accessible to residents of Gatineau, Chelsea and all surrounding cities. To learn more about our public storage facility and storage spaces, call (819) 595-9595 today!